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Life can be full of important, painful and challenging relationships, and therapy is a relationship experience that can lead to insight and positive change. I offer face-to-face therapy at Encompass Health Centre in Gardens, Cape Town in the City Bowl area. I also provide online counselling via Zoom. I have a diverse range of interests, and I enjoy working with infants, children, teenagers and adults. I have experience in providing psychotherapy, including play therapy. There may be a range of reasons for seeing a psychologist, including trauma, anxiety or depression, and I offer short-term or more long-term work as needed. Find out more about therapy and my rates below, or contact me to book a session or ask a question.

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I am a registered psychologist and have a Master of Arts degree (cum laude) in Community-Based Counselling Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand. I also completed my undergraduate at Wits, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, followed by my Honours in Psychology. During my Master's training, I also provided counselling at the Emthonjeni Centre at Wits. I worked as an intern at Ububele, a non-governmental organisation that provides psychological services to those in Alexandra Township and the surrounding areas. Currently, I work as a therapist in private practice in Gardens, Cape Town (City Bowl). I also provide my services to schools and run workshops and groups, as well as corporates services such as trauma debriefing. I also have experience as an undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer, and as a counsellor at an addiction rehab centre.

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Services Offered

  • Online Therapy: use new technology to connect across distance, whether due to traveling, timing, location, health - or COVID-19 [read more]

  • Parent Connect: we are currently taking members for an online support group during lockdown

  • Family Therapy: problematic family dynamics and
    communication patterns [read more]

  • Play Therapy: using the natural language of children
    to explore their world [read more]

  • And many more...


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