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Looking back, moving forward

Life is full of relationships. Unfortunately, any trauma can impact our ability to make sense of the world and to relate.


Trauma can make it difficult to connect with others and ourselves. Healing, then, can happen in relationships, and the group space provides an opportunity to begin to share and reconnect.


Trauma has many different forms. If you feel you have have been impacted, then you may be interested in joining this trauma support group, to share with others in similar spaces

Trauma Support Group

Trauma Support Group


I have a Master's of Arts degree (cum laude) in Community-Based Counselling Psychology. I have two years of training as a group facilitator, having completed the Working With Groups course, and have experience facilitating support groups. Currently, I work as a therapist in private practice at the Medical Centre in Dunkeld West, and also lecture at Wits University. Find out more here.

Read my blog about Group Therapy here:

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