Looking back, moving forward

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer therapy to adolescents and adults, which may assist in addressing distress and difficult life situations, or promote well-being and wholeness. I am able to do short-term or more long-term work, depending on what is needed in each situation.


Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on the dynamics of the relationships within the family. These dynamics may be either causing or sustaining problematic behaviour in individual family members. Family therapy aims to reveal patterns of relating and communicating and
what purpose this may serve, as well as what might
be left unsaid or ignored.


Play Therapy

Children have deep emotional and psychological worlds, and may experience great pain and distress which parents are not aware of. Play is the natural language of children, and play therapy uses it as a tool for children to express their emotions. The aim of this therapy is to help children make sense of difficult situations and feelings by exploring hidden thoughts and desires. Ultimately, the hope is that they are able to move towards integrating and balancing the parts of themselves and the world that are bad, with those that are good, by having a meaningful relationship experience in therapy.


Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

At the core of an infant’s world is their primary caregiver, and this is the door through which the infant experiences emotions and the environment. A healthy attachment between an infant and caregiver has shown to be exceptionally beneficial to the future well-being of the infant. Parent-infant psychotherapy works with the parent(s) or caregiver(s) to foster a healthy attachment. This is done through exploring the infant and their world, and by focusing on the relationship at this critical time.


Group Therapy

I offer various groups, for organisations and for private clients. Currently, I am currently taking members for a trauma support group. You can read more about the group here, or read my blog post about group therapy.