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Thomas Geffen

I am a registered Counselling Psychologist with a special interest in adolescent therapy. I have a Master's of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from Wits University. I provide therapy to teenagers in Gardens, Cape Town, working with adolescents and families. I aim to provide a safe space for exploring of identities, relationships and mood changes (e.g. depression, anxiety) which may lead to social and academic problems. Book a therapy session below with a Cape Town psychologist near you, or find out more

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  • Counselling for teenagers navigating these formative years.

    50 min

    1,030 South African rand

Adolescent Therapy

Many teenagers struggle with issues of development, including identity, peers, sexuality and relationships. Some of these developmental challenges can be more significant neurodiversity including autism and ADHD. There may also be disturbances in mood, including anxiety and depression which may manifest in self-harm, suicidal behaviour and eating disorders. Adolescents may want to find a psychologist if they struggle at school and socially - see more in my blog. I provide therapy and counselling to teenagers in Gardens, Cape Town. 

Thomas Geffen therapy couch in Gardens, Cape Town

Find out more about psychology, the mind, therapy and you. Visit my blog or click on a blog post to read, or see my full website.

Read one of my latest articles:  LGBTI+ People Facing Discrimination & GBV in Gender Links and How to Be More Playful, published in Bona Magazine.

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Wits Logo - Thomas Geffen attended and lectured at the University of the Witwatersrand
Therapy Route Counselling Profile
South African Depression and Anxiety Group (where I volunteered)
Ububele NGO, where Thomas Geffen worked as a Counselling Psychologist intern
UWC Logo - I lectured psychlogy at the University of the Western Cape
Addiction and Recovery Centre - Thomas Geffen provided counselling
Thomas Geffen is regsitered on Psychology Today

Online therapy on Zoom with Thomas Geffen based in Cape Town

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