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I am a registered counselling psychologist with a special interest in play therapy. I have a Master's of Arts degree (cum laude) in Counselling Psychology from Wits University and have experience providing therapy to kids (and adolescents) using play to communicate. There may be a range of reasons why your child may need to see a psychologist, including trauma, anxiety, depression or social and school challenges. Play therapy is especially suited for  5 to 10 year-olds, and I also work with older children. I offer short-term or more long-term work as needed. I charge within medical aid rates and have some availability after hours, evenings and weekends (Saturdays).

  • Online only, for couples, adults, adolescents & parents

    50 min

    1,030 South African rand
  • This is for parents to book an introductory meeting.

    50 min

    1,030 South African rand

Play Therapy

Children have deep emotional and psychological worlds, and may experience great pain and distress. Parents may struggle to know how to help, so a child psychologist may help. Play is the natural language of children, and play therapy uses it as a tool for children to express their emotions. The aim of this therapy is to help children make sense of difficult situations and feelings by exploring hidden thoughts and desires. Ultimately, the hope is that they are able to move towards integrating and balancing the parts of themselves and the world that are bad, with those that are good, by having a meaningful relationship experience in therapy. 

Practically, it can be useful to work with the parents and family, as well as the school, especially when there are social and school difficulties. As a first step, contact me below and we can arrange a meeting to see how I may be able to assist you.

Play therapy in Cape Town with Thomas Geffen, Counselling Psychologist

If you have another question, contact me here.


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